Balanga City as Silid Aralan’s Next Base

Balanga City as Silid Aralan’s next base, Mr. Arcie G. Mallari –Silid Aralan Inc. (SAI) Founder and Executive Director, and SAI learners Erlen Mahilum and Carlo Jumagdao, travelled to Balanga City, Bataan to meet the Mayor of the Balanga City, Hon. Joet Garcia.


Silid Aralan has been planning to put up a SAI Center in Balanga City and as an initiate action in this plan, Mr. Mallari presented Silid-Aralan’s history, it’s vision and mission and how it’s been changing lives of children for eight years. Meanwhile, the city of Balanga has also been conducting projects for educational developments in their city that help the students in Balanga be ready for college and wider learning, providing an ecosystem where students could learn not only inside the school/university but in the whole city.


Mr. Mallari, showed the projects made and implemented by its learners, and Mayor Garcia had found interconnections of those projects to the ones they have in city and decided to combined them, creating a new project with more people to be affected.


Silid Aralan was also invited by Mayor Garcia to attend and speak in the General Assembly of all the high school high school teachers in Balanga City.


In the assembly, Mr. Mallari shared words about Silid Aralan and TURDTalks, that was planned to be held in Balanga City with their upcoming Education Summit.