SAI English Camp

Silid Aralan Inc.’s English Summer Camp for this year closed last May 30, 2015 at the SAI Center in Montalban Town Center.

Silid Aralan’s English Summer Camp aims to help the SAI learners learn English as their every day mode of communication, not mainly teaching the English grammar but the reading, listening and speaking skills rather. Last year, Silid Aralan had conducted an English Summer Camp together with Mrs. Elaine Omaña who had served as the facilitator, where they discussed about Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, addressing both the novel and the movie.

This year, SAI had five facilitators for the program: Jonathan Paderon from Ateneo De Manila University, Alexandra Paderon, and Iriana and Bella Chiong from Poveda, and Mrs. Cecille Paderon, Business Development Head of Monark-CAT Equipment. The camp began last May 14, 2015 and they learned about Percy Jackson-The Lightning Thief, also both from the novel and the movie adaptation. Their class was consisted of unraveling the meaning of the difficult words in the story, games, group works and group presentations. The class ended last May 30, with SAI learning giving Thank You letters to the facilitators.