Silid Aralan at DWDD 1134AM

DWDD 1134AM had Silid Aralan Inc. (SAI) Founder and Executive Director, Mr. Arcie Mallari as the guest speakers in the My Light Radio Show last Saturday, May 16, 2015.

Mr. Arcie Mallari discussed about the My Light Radio Show’s topic of the day: “Qualities of Great Leadership” with the personal development broadcasters of the said radio show: Triz Garcia, Cannon Lee and Agatha Buensalida. Mr. Mallari shared his thoughts of how great leadership should be done and how he was able to apply it on the organization he founded: Silid Aralan Inc. He also told the history of Silid Aralan and what it does to help low-performing students to discover their given ingenuity. Carlo Jumagdao together with Mr. Mallari promoted Silid Aralan newest movement: TURDTalks. Moreover, the conversation ended up with the idea of having radio TURDTalks soon.