University of Cordillera COLE Training

University of the Cordilleras (UC), in partnership with Silid Aralan, Inc. (SAI), held a SALTEd Co-Learners Empowerment Training from August 7-9, 2015 at the University of the Cordilleras, Baguio City.

Mr. Arcie Mallari (SAI co-founder and Executive Director), Ms. Arlyne Acosta (SAI Operations Manager), Mr. Noel Acosta (SAI Graphic Artist), Ms. Arlyne Soncuya (SAI CI-Manager) and Ms. Remie Segui (SAI Co-Learner) went to Baguio City to facilitate the SALTEd Empowerment Training, where an estimated number of 59 students, 15 UC facilitators and 6 guests participated.

The SALTEd training in the University of the Cordilleras aimed to educate the new co-learners of SAI from Baguio City on the core values and the learning technology of SAI: SALTEd.

SALTEd is the learning technology which was envisioned by Mr. Mallari and created by Ms. Acosta. SAI has been using SALTEd since the beginning its journey and now this technology is being extended to more schools and SAI Learning hubs.

The training was commemorated by the representatives from UC and by Mr. Mallari. It was also filled with music, dancing, coaching and facilitating the core values and practices in SAI like the previous COLE Trainings with personal settling of visions as co-learners of SAI. They also shared stories of empowerment together with their declaration of being committed co-learners. The last day of the training was spent by celebrating a new found partnership and friendship with UC students and facilitators. The UC representatives awarded a certificate of recognition to the facilitators of SAI and SAI gave a certificate of participation to every co-learner who attended the training.

SAI will soon open the doors of its new learning hub in Baguio City in September 2015.