SAI Ground Zero Feeding

Last September 3, 2015, one of the Silid Aralan Inc. (SAI) programs, Ground Zero, began their learning sessions, now with a feeding program in partnership with Feeding Metro Manila (FMM).

Ground Zero is the program of Silid Aralan that caters non-reader students from public elementary school ages 8 to 9. Over a hundred and fifty learners from three public grade schoolsn Montalban are undergoing the Ground Zero program, with 10 new volunteer teachers/co-learners.

The SAI sessions, iLEAD (Inquire. Learn. Empower. Act. Develop) and Ground Zero, are conducted with a feeding program, made possible by FMM. This SAI program intends to help the betterment of learning of SAI learners through supplying them with healthy and innovative foods created by their parents.