Global Youth Forum 2015

Silid Aralan, Inc. (SAI) Executive Director and co-founder, Mr. Arcie Mallari presented in the Global Youth Forum 2015 held in Subic Bay Exhibition and Convention Center last October 1-3, 2015.

The Global Youth Forum 2015 was themed “Youth on the Move” in support of United Nations World Tourism Organization’s theme, “One Billion Tourists: One Billion Opportunities” with the purpose to enlighten the youth about the many opportunities in various fields especially in the tourism industry, to showcase different experiences from successful ventures and projects that could enrich the quality of life of the youth in the future and to expose the Local Government Officials with various success stories that could guide them in developing their future policies and programs for the youth sector. The program was divided into five sections that addressed different themes, such as “The Country’s Future –Getting Youth into Tourism Job,” “Sowers of Change –Education,” “Creating Opportunities for Dialogue and Encounter –Social Media IT,” “Economic Development in the Countryside Versus Environmental Concerns,” and “Global Market for Local Talents –ASEAN Youth on the Move.”

During the second session, October 2, 2015 (Friday), Mr. Mallari was one of the presenters of the “Sowers of Change –Education” along with Mr. Efren Penaflorida –CNN Hero and Founder of Kariton Foundation and Ms. Czarina Constantino –Training Specialist I, Haribon Foundation. The keynote Speaker was Hon. Roman T. Romulo –Congressman, Pasig City.

Mr. Mallari talked about Silid Aralan’s history and advocacies for the empowerment of the youth, upholding the principle that “In every underachieving child lies a genius.” It was preceded by the third session: “Creating Opportunities for Dialogue and Encounter –Social Media IT,” and the fourth session: “Economic Development in the Countryside Versus Environmental Concerns,” on that same day.

Silid Aralan believes that the youth are the ones who will be the future movers of this society, thus, it creates programs and movements that expose the youth to the universe of possibilities that can make a genius free in every child through innovation and empowerment.