iLEAD Computer Programming

Silid Aralan, Inc. (SAI) continues to build and empower future leaders by providing resources and opportunities through various ways. Now, with the help of Ms. Dyordz Miralles Francisco, a computer programmer in WordText Systems, Inc. SAI Montalban Town Center (MTC) Learning hub runs a computer programming class on Saturdays.

Ms. Francisco donated four computers operated by Raspberry software to SAI. The SAI learners are now starting to discover the different features of the software, creating animations of their own heroes and having fun playing Minecraft on their introduction in programming.

SAI-KVES Learning Hub A

Silid Aralan, Inc. (SAI) with the cooperation of KID’S Club and AP Ventures built a new learning space for an SAI learning hub in Kasiglahan Village Elementary School (KVES), it was completed last October 19, 2015.

AP Ventures helped in constructing and painting the furniture, while Kid’s Club donated toys and learning materials such as new books, puzzles and board games together with some pillows and chairs that will make the learners comfortable and free in their learning space.

SAI sessions are now held in this new KVES learning hub and the moment the learners saw the hub, they all ran inside and picked the toys they want to play with their friends with and read the books they wanted to read while cuddling pillows. The learners are allowed to have fun while they’re learning in their own space where they are given the resources that can help them generate their creativity, imagination, innovation skills and to help them find their passion. Silid Aralan aims to provide the learners an ecosystem, where the climate makes them freer and the possibilities of learning and growing is boundless.