SAI Learners’ Christmas Party

Last Decemeber 19, 2015 (Friday), the Christmas party of the Silid Aralan, Inc. (SAI) learners from Ground Zero and iLead –accompanied with their parents, was held at the Kasiglahan Village Elementary School.

The celebration that was sponsored by Mr. Jan-B Banson –SAI friend and sponsor and hosted by SAI learner and scholar Johnson Jan Donato, was loaded with various games and raffle draws wherein the learners of SAI got to participate and enjoy. The learners also received their Christmas gifts and their Jollibee treats. The celebration also includes the recognition for the winners of the cooking contest amongst the parents of the learners in the feeding program that SAI conducted for the learners.

However, this didn’t mark the end of the learning year of the SAI learners but only celebrates the commencement of a new year for one another.