KID’S CLUB Workshop in Silid Aralan

Kid’s Club conducted a workshop for the learners of SilidAralan, Inc. last April 30, 2016 (Saturday)at the Kasiglahan Village Elementary School.
The workshop, entitled “Me and My Environment” aimed to educate the learners about the environment and living things that surround us and also to teach children new skills. The workshop was commenced with the remarks from SilidAralan Founder and Executive Director Mr. Arcie Mallari. Dr. Christian Budich was the first one to conduct a workshop about the “Foldscope”. Foldscope is a tool, with the same purpose with the microscope: to see miniscule pieces that cannot be seen by the naked eye, only that foldscope was made up with folded papers and artificial light and less complicated to operate than the actual microscope. And in the afternoon, Ms. Ana Budich taught about “Ikebana” or flower arrangement. KID’S club also distributed sling bags, sketch pads made by the NBX and other school things to the learners.