Silid Aralan at Colegio De Montalban

Last June 29, 2016 (Wednesday) Silid Aralan, Inc. (SAI) conducted an assembly with the education students of Colegio de Montalban.
The assembly with the education students of Colegio de Montalban aimed to present Silid Aralan and to encourage the students to volunteer in Silid Aralan to teach low-performing students in their community through Silid Aralan. It was spearheaded by Silid Aralan Operations Manager, Ms. Arlyne Acosta and Silid Aralan Project Leader (Rodriguez) Mr. Angelo Roxas, who also shared what Silid Aralan is. Ms. Acosta also discussed Silid Aralan learning technology (SALTEd). It will also be the learning technology that the education students will use once they volunteer as co-learner. Silid Aralan learner Kent Ian Vargas shared his transformation journey in Silid Aralan –how from being one of the pioneer learners, his now starting to teach children as a teacher and a co-learner. Silid Aralan co-learner Franlex Valencia shared his experience of being a teacher, co-learning in Silid Aralan.
The program had ended with a hope that the assembly had inspired the young teachers of Montalban to partake in the journey of Silid Aralan of empowering low-performing, underprivileged learners.