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How Silid Aralan Helps Underachieving Kids.

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Our mission is to be co-learners of children by facilitating the discovery of their life's purpose and love for learning that will inspire and empower them in creating socially responsible innovations.


By 2020, Silid Aralan Inc. will be a nationally recognised organisation with regional presence that is financially sound and sustainable with innovative programs and projects producing globally competitive learners and leaders who will make a return to society.


Silid Aralan, Inc. (SAI) was founded on April 12, 2007 by Arcie Mallari. The idea that was to be Silid Aralan, Inc. bloomed in 2004, when Arcie lived in the Payatas dump in a personal immersion experience that would impact his life forever. Arcie built Silid Aralan out of his experience upon meeting a young man in Payatas. He asked a high school student to read from the bible but it turned out alarming. The young man held the Bible and looked at its words disconcertedly; seemingly unable to distinguish the figures in front of him. The boy couldn't read despite being in high school. Arcie went to the school of the boy; curious as to how the boy got into high school without even learning how to read. In some schools, the ratio of teachers to students is 1:90. How do we expect one teacher to educate each of the 90 students on a half day class five times a week? What are we to expect from these students? We do not have definite facts and numbers. What we have is one disturbing story. A truth that needs to be attended to. Thus Silid Aralan was formed.