Kids Club Storytelling and PTC

Last November 14, 2015 (Saturday), the Kids (Keen Individuals for Development and Service) Club conducted “The Passion Test” while Philippine Toy Library (PTL) donated toys and new creative materials to the learners of Silid Aralan in Kasiglahan Village Elementary School (KVES).
Philippine Toy Library is an organization composed of group of friends that envisions building dreams for children by providing children, especially the underprivileged, toys and books that could transform plain areas to educational and fun-filled spaces that could truly inspire learning and help children in their development of creativity and imagination. While KIDS Club is a non-profit organization that aims improve the community, the environment and to help children prepare for a better future; KIDS club has been supporting Silid Aralan numerous times before through providing toys and learning materials to the learners. In addition, they now conducted “The Passion Test” to the learners and volunteers of Silid Aralan and KIDS Club.
“The Passion Test” aims to help people find their specialty that will help them find the path towards living the life they love. The activity was facilitated by Ms. KC, iLead learners and volunteers of Silid Aralan and KIDS Club participated. Ms. KC created a blog entitled “A Saturday to Remember,” which features her experience and thoughts about facilitating the Passion Test to the learners of Silid Aralan and the other participants. Check it out!