SAI-DLSU Storytelling

Last November 7, 2015 (Saturday), volunteers from De LaSalle University (DLSU) conducted a storytelling to the learners of Silid Aralan in Kasiglahan Village Elementary School (KVES) at the KVES Silid Aralan, Inc. learning hub A.
DLSU volunteers, namely: Candy May Schuf, Juliet Olivar, Jaypee Armando, Maribeth Ramos and Biang Schurlynns told stories to the Ground Zero learners of Silid Aralan. The volunteers shared Filipino children stories like, “Buwaha-ha-ha-ha, Bwihi-hi-hi-hi!,” shared by Teacher Beath, while Teacher Candy told the story: “Chenelyn! Chenelyn!,” which tells the story of why Filipinos should give importance to housemaids. Teacher MOI shared “Ang Bisekleta ni Monmon,” a story of a boy with his old bike that he’s shared a lot of memories with.
Through these Filipino children’s stories that mirror the culture of the Filipino lives and impart different gratifying Filipino morals to the modern society, the learners will be able to feed themselves new wisdom and reflect it in their community.